Thanks for Entering!

Thanks for Entering!

Zahra’s Hanging Garden

Hanging flowers is the main theme of this picture. It is inspired by the Botanic Gardens where you find many hanging flowers on display there. I like to use cotton buds when helping me to paint my flowers and I like to colour in all the canvas, I don’t like to leave any blank spaces. 

I find art relaxing; it helps me forget about everything else around me. I live in a large family so it can be quite hard to find a quiet space to paint. When I am doing my art I tell my family not to disturb me or make any noises around me as I like to concentrate when I paint.  

Art is creating something from your brain.  My art teacher tells us, don’t trust your brain, use your eyes.  To me, you can create whatever you want, as long as it makes you happy. I’m not a perfectionist in my art, it doesn’t have to be perfect all the time, it can have imperfections and that’s what makes it unique. No two artists are the same; everyone has their own unique little quirks. 

I think it’s important that art says something about the person; I like to throw everything into my artwork. Sometimes it reflects my feelings but not all the time.