Thanks for Entering!

Thanks for Entering!

Join The Club! Join The Club! Join The Club! Join The Club! Join The Club!

This Is Art Club! is a brand new television series all about art, creativity and visual culture. Coming soon to RTÉ2

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Open Call For Young Artists!

We are hunting for young artists and art-lovers to contribute to a new young peoples television series all about art, creativity and visual culture called This Is Art Club!

Are You?

Passionate about visual art and visual culture? Aged between 12 and 19? Interested in having your work featured on This Is Art Club!?

Tell Us More!

If you’re enthusiastic about art and creativity then we’d love to hear from you. Tell us what interesting projects you’re up to at the moment or what unusual materials do you like to work with.

We are particularly interested in hearing from young people working with : Clay, Glass, Metal, Fibre, Paper, Pixels or in the disciplines of Sculpture, Photography, Printmaking, Digital, Gifs, Street Art, Jewellery.

To register your interest in participating in the upcoming series please ask for your parents / guardians consent before sending the following to

What You Need:

1. Word Document

You will need to include the following details:

Name, Date of Birth, Address, School (if applicable) Parent/Guardian contact details including phone & email. A short biography telling us about yourself, your interests, the type of work you like to make or any particular skills you have.

2. Short Video Clip 

Introducing yourself and showing us something of the interesting art you like to make yourself, your favourite types of art or the art you enjoy learning about.

3. Photograph

A recent photograph of yourself.

Join The Club! Join The Club! Join The Club! Join The Club! Join The Club!

Please note that applications are especially welcome from those who attend DEIS schools, young people who identify as LGBTQ+, people of colour (POC), members of the Travelling and Roma Communities, those with different abilities and disabilities, young people in care and young carers.

When making your application, please don’t upload your videos publically or share identifying details on any public or social media platform. This includes tagging people by name in any social media posts. Note that we cannot deal directly with under 18’s and we will only consider applications by email. If you are having difficulty making your application or attaching your video clip, please let us know via email.

Keep an eye on our instagram page for more details