Thanks for Entering!

Thanks for Entering!

Noah’s Wheel Painting

One thing I love making is watermark tracks with my wheelchair. Whenever there is a puddle, I just love driving around and making art with my wheels. I go around making different shapes and angles.  It’s really interesting to see what shapes you can create. You can do this anywhere as long as you have a puddle.

Art is really anything that you do or that you can make yourself. You can do art anywhere and make art out of anything. You can make wheelchair tracks on the sand at the beach or even on the grass. 

I was inspired from the puddles of rainwater to create a picture made from paint. I rolled my wheelchair into the paint and then I rolled onto the sheet of card to create my painting. 
The different colours of the tracks are really cool and I love the way that some of the colours have mixed. I love the way that it is abstract. You know that’s it’s a picture but you don’t know what is it meant to be.  And I love this kind of art.

It definitely shows that the person that made it was in a wheelchair because of the tracks and that’s what makes it cool knowing that someone in a wheelchair made the art. I think this shows my personality, the wheels are part of my personality and it shows how I like to make art, I like making messy art.  It shows that I’m fun and my art can make other people feel happy.