Thanks for Entering!

Thanks for Entering!

Laura’s Character Design

I started to become interested in art when I was 14 years old. I really enjoyed life drawing and observing people. Everyone is so different and everyone has their own quirks and I like getting to capture that on a page. 
Animation is all gesture drawing, conveying an emotion to an audience through drawings. I’m drawing mythical legend, Deirdre of Sorrows. I am drawing her with a very distinctive shape. I’ll give her a regular shaped head but she has quite a large upper body and really long spindly skinny legs. She wears a mask and I tend to start out drawing the eyes first. I tend to draw my characters with large ears. I’ve drawn Deirdre of Sorrows as a superhero in the future. 

Animation is definitely art. Art is subjective. It’s physical art because you are drawing cartoons but then you have the art of film and music, the art of writing as you need to come up with a story or script.  Not only is it art but its an accumulation of all the different art forms. 

My advice to young artists is to just keep drawing, everyone has a starting point and looking at other people’s art is super inspiring. No matter what stage you are at within your own artwork, there is always someone you can look up to. The more you practice, the better you will get at it.  

Drawing for me is a very relaxing thing, if I’m at home and I’ve done all my homework, I just pull out my notebook and do a quick sketch. It helps me relax. 

Art for me is a way to express myself and express my view of the world. I love to observe and think how I can put this down on paper and make it interesting and intriguing for other people to see. Art doesn’t have to be physically drawn it can be anything that you are expressing your views on in the world to other people in a way that they can start to understand how the world works in your head.