Thanks for Entering!

Thanks for Entering!

Katelyn Painting

I love painting because it makes me feel relaxed and I’m not angry or sad anymore.  It makes me feel happy. 

I’m painting a flower; I love the smell of flowers. I use lots of colours to paint my flower, I use red, green, blue, yellow, white and gold.  When I paint, you can move the brushes where you want it to be. Sometimes I use my fingers and sometimes I use the brush. The paint is slippery so you can slip around with it.  When the colours get mixed it’s like slime and it goes all over your hands and on the table.  It’s exciting to see the colours mix. My flower painting makes me feel happy. 

You have to make a mess to be an artist. Mostly I paint happy stuff and sometimes when I’m in a bad mood I do a sad face with crying on it. When I’m in an angry mood I do an angry emoji face. 

The reason I love painting is because you can do what you want to do with the brushes. You can paint something that you want it to be, it doesn’t have to be what other people want it to be like. 
I prefer things to be messy rather than neat. If everything was perfect it would be boring.