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Thanks for Entering!

How We Talk About Art

VTS is Visual Thinking Strategy and we do it in our class at school. The way we learn in class is really cool because we normally look at a picture on a whiteboard but today, the painting has come to us. 
When you look at a painting, you can have your own point of view and opinion of the art and no one can change that.  We all share our thoughts with the class and what we think the painting means. It’s really interesting to hear what other people are thinking and what their thoughts are. 

Today we were looking at a painting that looked like a building site in a factory in mist. I thought the mist was coming from mini pipes because that’s what factories normally produce. The painting had dark colours so it didn’t look very happy and there are a lot of buildings with big tall towers made out of iron. The class thought it was a building site. They all had their own opinions. One person thought it was an alien invasion; another person thought a man was working there, while another one person thought there was an evil villain coming. 

My teacher is nuts about art. She loves taking us to galleries and she loves showing us pictures. She really wants us to be good at talking about art.  She loves to hear our opinions and what we are thinking when we look at art. 

I love learning about art, it’s my favourite subject in school. 

Art is not only about doing the colouring or painting but it’s also about looking at it and having your own opinions. Our teacher always tells us that there is no right or wrong answer in art because art is for everyone and everyone has their own opinion.  So I don’t think there is one right or one wrong answer when it comes to art.