Thanks for Entering!

Thanks for Entering!

Abu Bakar’s Monster

This is Mr. Spikey and he is here to fight with Coronavirus. I like to give my monsters scary faces. This monster has a scary personality. He normally scares people, but he looks scared in the picture as people are trying to scare him away.

When I draw monsters I normally come up with names, this is Mr Spikey Hands because he has really spikey claws. Every monster is different, and every human is different. Everyone has different eyes and hair colours, the same as my monster, he has purple skin and red teeth.  You can make monsters out of anything you want. 

I like drawing because it makes me feel proud.  People tell me that I’m a really good artist. It makes me feel happy that people like my creations. I like to draw things that come to my mind.

Art is doing some inspiring pictures or doing something that will impress the world.  Art makes you feel inspired by the pictures you make. 

If you don’t think your picture will come out well, then you at least try and if you just keep trying then it will turn out really good. If you use your imagination then your pictures will turn out really good.  

Art is really fun!